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"In 1969 some students from my pottery class and I were visiting the art history prof at his home and studio, when I noticed a box on a side table. I asked what was in it and he said, 'You can open it.......if you do so over the carpet'.

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"Inside the beautiful box was a brocaded cloth bag, and inside the bag was a teabowl with a lumpy, white and orangey glaze, not unlike 045. 045

"At first I thought it might be rough, but once I got it into my hands I was seduced by its comforting texture and light weight. The pits inside the bowl held tiny pockets of bright green from its use as a teabowl. I asked what it was and he said, 'Shino............four hundred years old'.
"Well, I put it back in the bag and the box, but never out of my mind. 086page86.jpg (28136 bytes) 087page87.jpg (27209 bytes)
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 "After returning to Oregon, I began to read about Momoyama-era Shino wares, even persuading a Japanese student to translate texts for me. During this time I was also developing a new kiln design, and the search for shino taught me much about its capabilities. These are some of the results.

"Recently, some of these pots were shown at the American Shino Show at the Babcock Gallery in New York City.

"Some photos of other work at the Babcock show may be seen by visiting this Japanese website - click here." 023page23.jpg (64452 bytes) 079page79.jpg (36344 bytes) 078page78.jpg (18322 bytes)
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