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NOTE - click on any highlighted thumbnail photo to see a larger version:

     "I designed this kiln to facilitate firing the plates and other flatware that I love to make, as well as to be fuel efficient and easy to load. It turned out to be far more useful than I imagined, and I have built a dozen more in America and Canada. 
     "The furniture was designed specifically for this kiln. A fuller discussion of the design was published in the September 2001 Ceramics Monthly, and at their site:"

"The idea came from using a tea cozy, later building this lifting Raku kiln at Anderson Ranch, and seeing film of a lifting fiber annealing oven."  





"Of course, it helped to remember how I got into pottery at Oregon."b060.jpg (38504 bytes)  





"I built my ball-mill to use both 1.5 and 3 gallon jars for grinding the natural materials I prospect and mine. It has a variable speed controller to tune the speed for each size of jar. I intend to build a fifteen-gallon mill for larger batches of my wild porcelain." dscn1980-small.jpg (18909 bytes) dscn1981-small.jpg (20291 bytes)
HANK'S BALL MILL, up to 3 gallon capacity jars, variable speed, chain-driven


dscn1970-small.jpg (30228 bytes) "I borrow this machine whenever I need to crush rock down to 10 mesh for ball-milling. It has a 5-horse motor, crushing up to half a ton per day of rough ore."
"CRUSH-N-MILL", 5 Hp Jaw Crusher, 10 mesh and below

NOTE - click on any highlighted thumbnail photo to see a larger version:

"Joe Bennion demonstrated soft-facetting several years ago, and after trying his method for awhile, I developed 'Hank's WireTool' for the purpose. 
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"My tool has interchangeable wires which yield different patterns in the wet clay, and the patterns stretch out when the piece is further opened with a rib from the inside. (availability)"




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b041b041.jpg (27187 bytes)


"I make 'Hank's CutOff Wires' in different lengths and patterns for separating the pot from the wheelhead or a batt. When used in tandem with Hank's Roller Trimmer, the bottom of a plate may take on extraordinary beauty & utility. (availability)"


b001.jpg (42967 bytes) "I adapted my ball-bearing vulcanizing roller for a method of trimming based on clay displacement rather than clay removal. The method produces a compacted footring while leaving the original wirecut intact and showing through semi-opaque glazes. (availability)"
HANK'S ROLLER TRIMMER, ball bearing, single yoke, 1.5" x 1.5" plated roller. See next page, below, for a tutorial on use of the Roller Trimmer

(Coming soon: pic of Hank's Trimming Stick with pots set around it)

"I make special trimming sticks to roll the excess clay around the bottom of cylindrical forms into a footring. Suggest you make one too."

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